Single Parent Wealth

I found this post at a blog called Spilled Milk. Being a Single Parent Means Picking Your Battles…And Your Roles One of the hardest parts of becoming a single mother, for me, is the desire to be everything for my child. I desperately want him to have the childhood I had… the baking cookies, the […]

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As a single parent it’s even more important than ever to have a short term and long term financial plan.  At they have an article that covers some of the financial planning that you need to think about for you and your child.  The article covers: Creating a Budget Getting Child Support Finding Additional […]

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As I search the internet for things to help single parents with their desire to be the best parents they can be, I come across many questions posted by single parents. As I come across questions that single parents are asking, I will post them in a new category called Single Parent Questions.  My hope is that you will […]

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