In these times of economic uncertainties, financial support can be hard to find. Loans and grants always have conditions attached and a person’s financial status affects how easy it is to get approval. When someone seeking finance for a home loan is a single parent this can complicate the process of finding support even more. Three […]

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As a single parent it’s even more important than ever to have a short term and long term financial plan.  At they have an article that covers some of the financial planning that you need to think about for you and your child.  The article covers: Creating a Budget Getting Child Support Finding Additional […]

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For single parents in Kentucky, finding a job that pays enough to provide for your family is difficult. If you’re a single mother with two children living in Kentucky, only one in every three new jobs being created will provide you with enough income to sustain your family. During a news conference at Spaulding University, […]

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